Professional Communication Exam

Professional Communication Exam

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The Communication Skills for Business (CSB) Professional Communication exam validate that candidates entering the workforce understand key communication principles and skills that are necessary to be effective in a work environment. While the key skill being measured is communication, the nature of this exam will also help students with the other 3 of “the 4 C’s”:

  • Critical Thinking – which will happen as they think through how to effectively communicate
  • Collaboration – which will stem from effectively communicating with others
  • Creativity – which is required to present appealing communications


This Package contains:

1- Exam Voucher.
2- Practice Exam.
3- Retake (Free Voucher in case if failure).

Note: No Training is included.

The CSB Professional Communication exam is a box exam with innovative selected response options. The core concepts include professional communication skills; effective verbal, nonverbal and listening skills; creating business deliverables; effectively delivering a message; receiving communications; and analyzing communication scenarios. When a question deals with visual communications, there are corresponding visuals to illustrate. Same for written communications.

It is a 50-minute exam with approximately 35-50 questions. An individual preparing to take this exam should have approximately 150 hours of instruction and hands-on experience in formal communication theory and practice.

The proficiency level expected for the exam can be attained through learning and practice tests. This level of knowledge required to pass the exam is outlined in the Exam Objectives. The Exam Objectives are the basis for all the learning materials, practice tests, and certification exams.

Impact of Communication Skills for Business "CSB".

  • For students/candidates, Communication Skills for Business certifications are resume builders and help students/candidates become more employable.
  • For educators, the Communication Skills for Business ready-made, self-scoring exams save instructors’ time by using the certification exams as class exams, mid-terms or final exams.
  • For workforce education, the Communication Skills for Business program increases job placement rates and stabilizes/increases funding options.
  • For corporations, the Communication Skills for Business program provides job skill enhancement for employees and saves money by not having poor communications.

Why should job candidates seek CSB Certification?

Poor communication is very expensive for companies. Studies have been done that estimate businesses with 100 employees lose an average of $420,000 per year due to poor communication between employees. The cost goes up based on the number of employees.2

The CSB certifications give job candidates the proof they understand good communication and have the skills needed to be effective and efficient in their jobs, while saving the company money by not communicating poorly.

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